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1. DGB (Pty) Ltd shall take all reasonable steps to protect the “Personal Information” of Users. Personal Information for purposes of this privacy policy, shall be ascribed the meaning as set out in the ECT Act.

2. DGB (Pty) Ltd may electronically collect, collate process, store and use the following information of Users:
2.1 full name and surnames;
2.2 id number;

2.3 province;
2.4 mobile phone number; 2.5 email address;
2.6 IP address:

3. DGB (Pty) Ltd collect, collate, process, store and use the information in 2 above, for the following purposes (“Disclosed Purposes”):
3.1 communicate competition results to the User;
3.2 registration and/or authentication of Users;

3.3 further communication if specified by the User;

4. Information referred to above is either provided voluntarily by the User, through electronic surveys or registration process.

5. DGB (Pty) Ltd may collect, collate, process, store, disclose any information collected from the User, subject to the following provisions:
5.1 DGB (Pty) Ltd shall not disclose any Personal Information of a User, without their prior consent, unless required or permitted by law;

5.2 DGB (Pty) Ltd shall not use the Personal Information of a User, for any other purpose than the Disclosed Purposes, unless User gives their express prior written consent;
5.3 DGB (Pty) Ltd may compile, use and share any information that does not relate to any specific individual User. 

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