Mixology 101


O.25 of a shot = about a teaspoon.


To chill a glass, place one scoop of ice with water into a glass and stand for several seconds before discarding of the contents. Cocktails which are not served with ice will be warm in a matter of minutes. Chilling helps prevent this.


It may be necessary to fine strain your cocktails, especially when making drinks with fresh fruits. This helps your drink not turn into a thick cold soup. Purchase a stainless steel tea strainer for this purpose.


Liqueurs and spirits have different alcohol strengths, so some may flame more strongly than others. Always be careful when lighting a flame. To kill a flame, place a cloth over the glass to stop the oxygen supply to the flame.


Place your cocktail glass in a freezer for more than an hour and a thin film of ice will cover the glass. If you have the space in your fridge, this is a great way to chill your glassware.


To decorate, a select cut of fruits or edible ingredients can be placed on the rim of a glass or in a glass to enhance the taste, appearance or aroma of the drink.


A pre-mix made before hand. Add equal parts cream to milk. Used in sweet cocktails that call for cream or milk.Search


To heat a glass, place a teaspoon in a glass and fill with hot water. Discard water and spoon and use.


Bartenders have been infusing alcohol for over a hundred years, in fact sixty years ago it was considered the norm for top cocktail bar tenders to infuse their own speciality spirits or liqueurs…


Purées are an essential ingredient in any modern cocktail bar and although you cannot purchase purées in unit containers in this country, you may easily make them yourself…


To ‘rim’ a glass, place 250 grams of sugar or salt into a saucer and a splash of lime cordial in another saucer. Then dip the rim of the glass in the lime and then into the sugar or salt…


Lemon slices are the most popular garnish used in cocktails!


Used mostly for the Cosmopolitan cocktail, heat the peel side of the fruit for a few seconds then, in one fluid action, squeeze the oils of the twist over the flame of a lighter.


Lemon or lime wedges are important ingredients that may enhance the taste or appearance of a drink. Slice the caps at each side of the fruit and discard, slice the fruit in half and turn vertically…


All ingredients are measured in shots. One shot equals 25ml.


You may sprinkle or dust a cocktail with chocolate powder, nutmeg or cinnamon.